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10 Ways To Help You Avoid Holiday Overspending

10 Ways To Help You Avoid Holiday Overspending

10 Ways to Avoid Holiday Overspending

The holidays are here and that means your wallet will be hurting! How do you avoid holiday overspending? With inflation increasing the price of goods, it is even easier to overspend. Here are TEN Ways to help you keep control.

Set a Holiday Budget

This year’s survey, from RetailMeNot, shows shoppers plan to cut back on holiday spending. However, the average shopper still plans to spend about $725.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to set a budget. How much would you like to spend on food, gifts, decor? Create your spending plan now!

Keep A Strict Gift List

I get it. It is the time of gift giving. However, don’t get lost in the sauce. You do NOT need to give everyone you interact with a gift. Have a strict list of those you want to give a gift to. Having a list will also help you stay in budget.

Plan Your Travel In Advance

Do NOT wait until the last minute to book your travel. Prices skyrocket at this time and it can cost you! Make your plans early and make reservations. This way the cost of the holidays is spread out and make less of a dent.

Avoid Retail Tricks

There are so many deals around this time, but don’t be fooled! Some retailers raise prices so they can give a bigger discount. This gives the illusion that you are getting a great deal.


Buy secondhand! The thrift store is a great way to find gifts without hurting your wallet. Not to mention, you can find many new with tags items.

Similarly, you can thrift items that you can upcycle. You can upcycle thrifted items with paint, sewing, or other craft supplies. For example, picture frames are always in abundance. You can paint them and add a picture.

10 ways to avoid Holiday Overspending

Buy Gifts Early

Another way to avoid overspending, is to buy your gifts early. This can help spread the spending versus spending all at once. Not to mention it will help reduce the stress of long lines and the holiday rush.

For example, I keep a bin at my home with things I purchase throughout the year, from great deals I find. By the time the holidays arrive, most of my gift shopping is done!

Use Reward or Cash back cards

A great way to reduce the cost of the holidays is to use reward points or use your cash back cards. My husband and I like to save up our points to purchase flights and hotels, since we always travel for the holidays.

You can also use cards that give cash back. We use our these type of cards to shop for gifts and our food expenses. This helps cut back the cost of the holidays. However, use them wisely and pay them back before the interest hits!

Limit Self-Giving

We tend to have the mentality of “treat yourself,” especially, when you see all the sales and other deals. It is easy to want to purchase something for yourself. However, this can get out of control if aren’t careful. Plan what you want to gift yourself and stick to it!

Avoid Overdecorating

Everywhere you look, you see holiday decor! You may be tempted to buy every cute little Christmas tree, reindeer, or snowman you see. However, you can easily end up with a huge pile of decor that doesn’t go with your theme. Plan how you want to decorate and stick to that theme!

Avoid extra Spending

Finally, avoid any unnecessary spending when out shopping or visiting family. It is easy to go have breakfast, lunch or dinner while out and about. However, this can easily add up. Eat a decent meal before heading out. You can also carry snacks. I even make my own coffee to carry around, so I am not tempted to make a “Starbies” stop.

Another way spending can get out of hand, is when visiting family. It is easy to go out to dinners or some type of outing. Make sure you plan them out and budget for them. One of the first things I do, when visiting family, is to chip in for groceries for that time period. We also plan one outing and one dinner. This has helped us stay within budget. After all, it is about spending time with loved ones.

Overall, the holidays can take a huge bite out of your wallet. However, these tips can help you make it through the holidays without going into debt. What are other ways that have helped you?

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