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Ditching the Self-Doubt Mindset and Embracing our Unique Skills as a Latina Entrepreneur with Rosie Arango

Ditching the Self-Doubt Mindset and Embracing our Unique Skills as a Latina Entrepreneur with Rosie Arango

It is time to ditch that self-doubt mindset as a Latina entrepreneur! Learn how to embrace your unique skills and own your worth! From doubting herself to rocking it as a life and business coach, Rosie Arango, is all about helping other Latina entrepreneurs shift their self-doubt mindset from ‘not enough’ to a positive mindset of ‘more than qualified’. In this transformative episode, Rosie shares her journey of overcoming self-doubt to embracing her worth and expertise. Get ready for some real talk on owning your worth, insights and strategies to embrace your full potential and thrive in both life and business!

Rosie Arango

Life & Business Coach

Rosie Arango is a life and business coach, First Gen Latina and homeschooling parent. After, closing her franchise, due to Covid, she then became the Chief of Operations of a tech company but now is pivoting into being a life and business coach.

Where to reach Rosie:

Instagram: @Rosie.Arango

Rise and fall of a franchise

They say that every setback is a setup for a comeback, and Rosie Arango is living proof. As a First-Gen Latina life and business coach, Rosie shares her remarkable journey from franchise ownership to tech, and coaching.

That fired me up in a way that I just felt like, how dare you say no to me?

Rosie’s tale begins with the denial to move into a management position in a franchise. Her boss told her she was not worthy of a promotion. “That fired me up in a way that I just felt like, how dare you say no to me,” Rosie reflects. So what did she do? She set off and through crowdfunding from family and friends, and a few loans, Rosie purchased her own franchise. It was difficult to navigate as not only a young business owner, but a Latina at that. Yet, she managed to grow her business. Unfortunately, it all ended with the unexpected challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pivoting to Coaching

The setback, however, set the stage for Rosie’s remarkable pivot into the tech industry. The skills and insights gained from her franchise experience were instrumental in securing a Chief of Operations position at a tech company. However, after traveling so much and fundraising and pitching to investors and doing all the things, somebody asked her the question “in an alternate universe what would you be doing?” This is when she realized she would love to be a coach, just as those who have coached her. Yet, she did not believe it was something she could be.

“Why can’t you be?” “I don’t know how…”

So her mentor, asked her, “why can’t you be?” “I don’t know how. Like, what do you even need to be a coach,” Rosie responded. She didn’t know how they get certified and thus left it at that. However, after several long days and weeks without seeing her family, due to work, Rosie quit her tech job. This opened the door to her new venture into the coaching business.

Empowering the Latina Entrepreneur

Now, Rosie is working in her true passion, coaching other Latina entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. It’s a role that allows her to empower others, leveraging her past experiences to guide fellow entrepreneurs.

Additionally, she shares lessons of resilience and strategic mindset which are crucial for the Latina entrepreneur. “I see a lot of Latinas that are ready to start their business and most of the time they feel like they’re starting at zero,” Rosie shared. However, she emphasizes how Latinas do have several skills that they pick through jobs, education, and through the unique Latina experience. Therefore, she empowers her clients to find these skills and use them to launch successful business endeavors.

Fusing Cultural Strength to Entrepreneurship

Rosie’s journey transitioned her from franchise ownership to a tech career to a coaching role. It is not just a career change—it’s a reinvention that speaks to the adaptability required in today’s fast-paced business environment. Her message is clear: “Our past achievements are not just a record of what we’ve done but a foundation for what we can accomplish.”

In essence, Rosie Arango’s journey embodies the spirit of Latina entrepreneurship—a fusion of cultural strength, innovative thinking, and an unwavering drive to succeed. Her story is a blueprint for any entrepreneur looking to navigate the complexities of starting and growing a business. By sharing her experiences, Rosie provides a beacon of hope and a source of practical advice for anyone ready to chart their course in the entrepreneurial world.

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