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Home Sweet Home: The Financial and Emotional Journey of Home Buying with Expert Javier Vidana

Home Sweet Home: The Financial and Emotional Journey of Home Buying with Expert Javier Vidana

Home buying isn’t just a big financial step, but an emotional rollercoaster for the first time homebuyer. With the crazy (and expensive) housing market, it is intimidating to navigate. Not to mention the the hispanic cultural aspect! This episode, Javier Vidana, a seasoned real estate agent from Phoenix, dives deep into the ups and downs of buying a home for the first time and other real estate hot topics, from real estate investing to the debated realtor commissions.

Javier Vidana Home Buying Coach, Youtuber, real estate agent

Javier Vidana

Home Buying Coach, Real Estate Agent, Youtuber

Javier Vidana, a licensed real estate agent based in Phoenix, Arizona. Beyond his real estate career, Javier has made a name for himself on YouTube, where he shares educational content about real estate. His videos cover everything from home buying tips to market insights and general real estate advice.

Where to reach Javier:

Youtube: Javier Vidana

Instagram: @theJavierVidana

The Housing Market Before & Now

The market when I purchased my first home, back in 2014, was completely different than today’s market. Javier discusses how it was a great time to buy. However, even then, the fear of buying a home was still prevalent. But, home buyers tended to buy at the top of their budget and a bit more reckless, according to Javier. On the contrary, Javier believes that the current state of the housing market has created a more cautious and educated homebuyer. The high prices and high interest rates, are forcing potential buyers to really analyze their finances and make a more informed purchase.

HomeBuying Tips

Additionally, Javier shares some eye-opening insights and tips from his 10 years of realtor experience for the first time home buyer. He emphasizes how important it is to make smart, informed choices—especially in communities where financial know-how isn’t always at your fingertips.

“You have to also realize that the real estate agent and the lender are there to sell.”


Javier also wants to remind future home buyers that “you have to also realize that the real estate agent and the lender are there to sell.” The takeaway? Do your homework! Don’t just rely on what agents and lenders tell you—they’re there to make sales, but it’s up to you to figure out what you can really afford.

Real Estate Investing Impact

In this episode we also cover the impact of real estate investing on the housing market. Javier believes real estate investors have contributed to the home affordability and shortage crisis. We discuss and compare the strategies of big-time investors with those of regular folks looking to build wealth without messing up the housing market. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where you can make money and still do right by your community.

Real Estate Agents

Another hot topic we cover, is the very debated real estate agent commissions. After the Realtor class action lawsuit, the traditional way of how realtor commissions has changed. On top of that, there has been an increase of negativity related to the value that a realtor brings to the home buying process. In today’s tech-savvy world, there’s a lot of buzz about whether traditional real estate commissions are still worth it. The episode digs into the pros and cons of flat-fee services versus what experienced agents bring to the table. Spoiler: There’s more to it than just unlocking doors.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we wrap things up with a call for more community support in the real estate world. Whether you’re buying or selling in Phoenix, reach out if you need help. With expert tips, personal stories, and ethical insights, it’s a must-listen to help you tackle the process with confidence and smarts. Get ready to take notes and step up your real estate game!

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