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Hustler to CEO: How to Automate Your Business and have a CEO Mindset

Hustler to CEO: How to Automate Your Business and have a CEO Mindset

Starting a business requires you from switching from a hustler mindset to a CEO mindset. It also requires that you learn ways to automate your business. It requires grit, determination, and a deep understanding of the market you are venturing into. In this podcast episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Joseph Octaviani, the pioneer of the first Latino-owned herbal company, Life the Plant Way. He shares his journey from being a hustler to building a 7-figure company.

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The CEO Mindset shift

Joseph was always a hustler, but it wasn’t until he found himself with health complications that he began his entrepreneurship journey. He found his new passion as an herbal and holistic healer. This journey to build his holistic brand, began his shift into a CEO Mindset. Joseph wanted to ensure he built a lasting business legacy, and not just another hustle. In his words, the fine line separating an entrepreneur from a hustler is the desire to build something that will outlast them, a legacy.

Joseph Octaviani speaks about CEO Mindset and How to AUtomate Your Business

Joseph Octaviani

Life the Plant Way

Joseph Octaviani is a serial entrepreneur for 7 years, with business success and failures under his belt. Joseph is the founder of the first latino owned herbal company, Life The Plant Way, which has a 7-figure revenue. He has also established an online academy, which focuses on herbal and holistic health education.

Where to reach Joseph:


Instagram: @Josephoctaviani and @lifetheplantway 

What is the CEO Mindset?

As Joseph began to build his brand, he quickly realized that he did not want to spend his valuable time working in his business. “I did not like working,” Joseph states. But how were these big time CEOs doing it? So he began reading and learning about the CEO Mindset. Joseph wanted to understand how they thought and worked. He realized that the “CEOs are lazy” and don’t want to trade their time for money. So what did they do different? They learned how to automate. You must learn how to delegate tasks and hire the right people whose strength is your weakness. You must automate your business.

“Your mind is your biggest money generator.”

-Joseph octaviani

Additionally, you need to learn how to trust others and allow them to thrive in their areas of expertise while you focus on business growth. “Your mind is your biggest money generator.” Joseph emphasizes how, the role of the CEO is to think and plan. Therefore, if you spend that time working in your business versus on your business, your business will have slow growth or even fail.

Automate Your Business with AI

Automate your business with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

If you want to automate your business, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a must for any entrepreneur. He shares how many people have a fear of AI, because they believe it will take away their jobs. However, Joseph states it is the very opposite! “AI is going to do the shit that you don’t want to do.”

“AI is the great equalizer in this economy that we’re in…”

Joseph Octaviani

Joseph is excited about the possibilities that AI brings to entrepreneurs. “AI is the great equalizer in this economy that we’re in, that is going to make the playing field equal.” To him, the small business person can now compete with big time companies who can spend millions on their business. Now, entrepreneurs can use AI to their advantage to help grow their business, without the funds to hire experts or help right away.

Build a Brand, Build a Legacy

The Ceo Mindset means you create a Brand that will leave a legacy.

Finally, Joseph covers the importance of Brand creation in leaving a legacy behind. It is an art, and Joseph is implementing it all to ensure that his “business is around for the next 100 years.” For example, with his brand, Life the Plant Way, he learned color psychology and how it impacts his growth.

Also, Joseph shares how brands like Nike, sell the lifestyle and not how good their shoes are. Nike has engrained their brand into people’s mind. They have sold them the lifestyle and now their infamous checkmark is easily recognized worldwide. He advises all entrepreneurs to do the same.

Joseph’s story is not just inspiring; it is filled with practical insights that entrepreneurs can implement in their own journeys. He states the importance of investing in the business, utilizing AI for efficiency, and crafting a memorable brand identity.

Joseph’s Book Recommendations:

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