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Why This is Kim Kardashian’s Horrible Business Advice To Women

Why This is Kim Kardashian’s Horrible Business Advice To Women

Kim Kardashian’s horrible business advice to women is under some heat! Here are 4 reasons why her advice is tone deaf to the average working woman.

“No pos, WOW!” This past week, Kim Kardashian gave her harsh business advice to women everywhere. “Get your f*cking a** up and work,” she said in a Variety interview. Her advice receives so much backlash, and with good reason! Let’s discuss what makes her different and how her advice does not apply to Latinas, or anyone.

#1: Kim and Generational Wealth

Kim Kardashian horrible business advice lacks generational wealth.

When your family is guiding you and supporting you, it is easy to come up in the world. Kim had access to a father who was a well-known successful lawyer, an olympian step-father (at that time), and a mother who is a successful business woman.

This also means that her parents were able to build generational wealth. Meanwhile, most of us have blue collar families whose main focus is to provide for us. Generational wealth creates a foundation, which makes it easier to succeed.

Kim Kardashian horrible business advice lacks equal access to education.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 

-Nelson Mandela

Kim is from white suburbia. This gives her a huge advantage over Latinas and the general population. The schools have the funds to provide a proper education. They have better teachers, technology, books, and programs.

In contrast, lower income schools, struggle to find good teachers, pay for books, and funds for programs. They are also, stretched thin with so many students, that they don’t have time to ensure each child learns.

Also, “wealthy families can afford more investment in their offsprings’ educational careers,” according to a study by Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review (pages 19-49). This means Kim’s parents can easily afford a higher education for her (even though she did not graduate). For Latinas, we have to find a way to pay for college on our own and navigate it as well.

Kim Kardashian horrible business advice lacks team.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

-Steve Jobs

Kim has a whole team available to her. For example, she has lawyers, personal chefs, business experts, nannies, tax professionals, and many more experts. However, we don’t have this luxury. In most cases, we learn these things on our own. This means that we make a ton of mistakes that cost us, a lot.

With nannies, personal chefs, housekeepers, etc, available to her, Kim is able to focus her energy to build her empire. However, the average woman is balancing all of these, and our business or careers suffer.

Kim Kardashian horrible business advice lacks networks and connections.

In order to succeed, access to connections and exclusive networks are a huge advantage. Kim has a huge network that allows her to easily make partnerships, deals, and create businesses. Her family’s name and reputation allows for greater opportunities.

Unfortunately, most women don’t have these networks. First generation, especially, are the trail blazers and have zero networks. We have to search for them and we don’t get a happy welcome. Most of the time we don’t even know where to find these connections. In addition, it is very hard to enter these spaces when you don’t know anyone and when most are male dominated.

Therefore, the unfortunate reality is that Kim’s views of the average women is shared by the rich, especially the 1%. To them, we are lazy and don’t want to work. Kim is glossing over the issues that the average latina, people of color (POC) and black women face.

Her advice does nothing to us but makes us feel worse. Pero, don’t listen to her! We continue to make great progress, even though we fight an uphill battle. Our community grows to empower us, versus to put us down. So no thanks, Kim, keep your “advice” to yourself!

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