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Latina Wage Gap, Now Worse After the  Overturn of Roe v. Wade

Latina Wage Gap, Now Worse After the Overturn of Roe v. Wade

The Latina Wage Gap will now get wider with the overturn of Roe vs Wade. Here we discuss the socioeconomic impact to Latinas.

Latinas and Women of Color (WOC) are working hard to overcome numerous obstacles trying gain financial freedom, build wealth, build businesses or careers. Now with the overturn of Roe vs Wade, we are now facing more setbacks. This, no doubt, will increase the already huge wage gap!

The Latina Wage Gap

Latina Wage Gap impacted by Roe Vs Wade

How would you like to work the same hours for half the pay? 

Latinas and the Pay Gap. AAUW

Women are working hard to catch up to their male counterparts in the workplace and financially. According to AAUW’s, Latinas and the Pay Gap, women in general earn 83% of what men earn. However, Latinas have a wider pay gap making 57% of what a white non-hispanic male makes in roughly every education level!

Latinas face many obstacles that puts them behind the curve. Most of us, often come from economically disadvantaged households. As a result, we have less access to quality education or even higher education. Our families, especially for first generation Latinas, have not acquired financial literacy or have built networks that can be crucial in building generational wealth. As a result, we start further behind in the rat race.

However, Latinas have created their own resources and have begun to take control in their education and careers. Latinas are building businesses, careers, and taking up space. These actions were starting to make real change in closing the pay gap. Although, we have a long way to go, the needle was moving! Unfortunately, now that control is being stripped away with the overturning of Roe vs Wade.

Latina Wage Gap Made Worse By Roe vs Wade

Latina Wage gap impacted by Roe vs Wade
The overturning of Roe vs Wade has a huge socioeconomic impact for Latinas.

Roe vs Wade presented abortion as a private matter and therefore was protected under the rights to privacy. Although, the decision did not give women the right to an abortion, it did still gave them some control over pregnancy. The judges agreed that pregnancy came with numerous risks to include:

  • Social Stigma
  • Financial Burden
  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health

Now that Roe vs Wade has been overturned, many Latinx concentrated states have/or will put a ban on abortions. Some also plan to implement restrictions on birth control, itself! This takes away the opportunity to plan families (if at all) around their education and careers. An unplanned pregnancy can cause detrimental effects to their finances, physical and mental health.

In addition, Latinas already face low opportunities to high wage jobs. This is due to the systemic obstacles we deal with when pursuing higher education and careers. Now, we have another systemic obstacle, unplanned pregnancy. The lack of access to healthcare and social programs puts an even greater financial burden that many may not overcome or take even longer to overcome.

As a result, Latinas and WOC, will have an even harder time as they navigate balancing a family and everything else as they try to close the wage gap.

What the HELL do we do Now?

So what do we do now? First, identify your risk factors and financial situation. If an unplanned pregnancy were to happen, how will it affect you? How would it impact your future goals? Having a plan can help reduce how hard you are hit, when something unplanned happens. A budget and emergency savings are always good to have.

Additionally, figure out how your job/career will be affected and how they will handle a pregnancy. Do you get maternity leave/pay? If so, how long and how much? How will this impact your promotion chances? Will you have healthcare? How supportive will the company be with doctor appointments, childcare issues, etc.?

Although we may plan as much as possible to reduce the blow, it may still not cover everything. Search for resources that may help if it comes to that. However, know that setbacks may happen but you can overcome them.

There is one good thing that we have now, that we didn’t have before, a community. Thanks to social media we have created a large network and have built a community to lift each other up! This may be our greatest asset, each other. We have finally found our voice and actively make space for ourselves. We are in a dark point in our journey, but we are resilient and strong. We will continue to demand equal pay and close the wage gap!

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