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MoneyChisme: Personal Finance Podcast

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Personal Finance Podcast for the Latinx Community

MoneyChisme is a personal finance podcast dedicated to empower the First Generation Latinx community to achieve financial stability and freedom through personal finance education, resources, and support.

Tune in each week to get the chisme on personal finance, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, money management, financial literacy and other money talks.

Hosted by Violeta Sandoval, the First Gen Real Estate Investor. Violeta, a first generation Mexican immigrant, is gaining financial independence through real estate investing, entrepreneurship, and her STEM career. Follow her journey to financial freedom and building generational wealth.

Interested in becoming a Guest?

The MoneyChisme Podcast aims to share other’s personal finance, business, and investing expertise or have conversations that will benefit the Latinx community. If you are would like to be a guest send me an email via my contact page.

MoneyChisme Podcast Recent Guests:

  • Home Sweet Home: The Financial and Emotional Journey of Home Buying with Expert Javier Vidana
    Home buying isn’t just a big financial step, but an emotional rollercoaster for the first time homebuyer. With the crazy (and expensive) housing market, it is intimidating to navigate. Not to mention the the hispanic cultural aspect! This episode, Javier Vidana, a seasoned real estate agent from Phoenix, dives deep into the ups and downs of buying a home for […]
  • Ditching the Self-Doubt Mindset and Embracing our Unique Skills as a Latina Entrepreneur with Rosie Arango
    It is time to ditch that self-doubt mindset as a Latina entrepreneur! Learn how to embrace your unique skills and own your worth! From doubting herself to rocking it as a life and business coach, Rosie Arango, is all about helping other Latina entrepreneurs shift their self-doubt mindset from ‘not enough’ to a positive mindset of ‘more than qualified’. In […]
  • How to Reduce Taxable Income through effective Tax Planning Strategies
    Want to know how to reduce taxable income! Want to know how the rich build wealth and keep more of their money? It is all about knowing how to lower your tax liability through effective tax planning strategies. When it comes to financial stability and building generational wealth, one of the most daunting hurdles can be mastering the tax code. […]
  • Hustler to CEO: How to Automate Your Business and have a CEO Mindset
    Starting a business requires you from switching from a hustler mindset to a CEO mindset. It also requires that you learn ways to automate your business. It requires grit, determination, and a deep understanding of the market you are venturing into. In this podcast episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Joseph Octaviani, the pioneer of the first Latino-owned […]
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & Self-Doubt in the Latinx Community
    Many of us at some point or another have experienced a sense of imposter syndrome – that debilitating feeling of not being good enough, of feeling like a fraud in our own lives. This is very common in the Latino/x community. Yet our community rarely discusses this self-doubt, that can impact our finances and success. Imposter Syndrome & Self-Doubt: A […]

How to Make Money Work For You, Tips for Immigrants Part 1 with Maribel

In this two-part series, we go into some of the money challenges that immigrants face, how they can overcome them, and how they can build wealth by having their money work for them.

Brand Your Way to Success: Expert Tips to Build Your Brand’s Identity with Gabrela Aguilar

Building a brand as an entrepreneur can be tough! This week’s guest is Brand Strategist and Web Designer, Gabriela Aguilar. She gives us tips on creating your brand and shares her story on how she got started in Branding and Web design!

The Brutal Truth About Entrepreneurship: First Year Struggles with Lilly

Lilly talks about the brutal truth of entrepreneurship and the struggles She faced during her first year. From financial setbacks to sleepless nights, Lilly give you an honest and transparent look at the highs and lows of starting a business.

Struggles of Small Business Marketing: Avoid These Mistakes with Wendy Ramirez

Many entrepreneurs struggle to get the word out about their products or services? There are many common marketing mistakes that can hurt your businesses. Marketing Strategist, Wendy Ramirez, goes over the most common marketing mistakes small business owners make and how to avoid them.


Home realtor Cici Plata advocates for financial literacy in the Latinx community.

Taking Responsibility to Learn Financial Literacy with Cici Plata

In this episode we get into some deep conversations with Cici Plata, on how the latinx community needs to start holding themselves accountable on their lack of financial literacy. We discuss how the latino community can hold ourselves back by not putting the effort to educate ourselves.

Side Hustle Chronicles: Reselling to Pay for Travel with Tarra Ransom

Tarra has been a reseller for over 4 years and focuses on reselling women’s shoes. Through this side hustle, she is able to fund her travel trips around the world and is building financial freedom. She gives her tips and tricks on how you can get started in reselling. 

Tarra Ransom uses reselling as a side hustle to fund her travel and financial freedom.